Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rayovac & 5 Minutes for Moms - Upcoming promotions!

Like any family with kids, we churn through batteries like crazy.  So when those dollar off Rayovac coupons come out, we always grab some Rayovac batteries when they go on sale!

Rayovac and 5 Minutes for Moms have teamed up for some exciting promotions this summer.

(1)  Rayovac / Facebook
Go like Rayovac on Facebook for great daily summertime family tips and a chance to win great prizes.

(2)  Rayovac's "Rayovac Powers Your Summer" sweepstakes
Tell Rayovac each day how you'll be powering your summer here each day from June 21st to July 20th for your chance at great prizes Cameras and Bikes to Camping Supplies and a Summer Supply of Rayovac Batteries!  Today's question asked what your camping style was.  We're heading on our first campground camping trip with the kids, so I guess that's us!

 (3)  Twitter Party!!!!!

Rayovac Powers Your Vacation Summer Promotion Twitter Event
Date:  Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Time:  7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. CST
Location:  #rayovac
Follow:  @Rayovac_Battery, @5minutesformom, @CirclePRMary

Lots of chances to win with Rayovac this summer -- Go check them out!

Disclosure:  The first 99 bloggers to promote the Rayovac Powers Your Summer Promotion won a prize package from Rayovac.  The first 99 bloggers to promote the Rayovac Powers Your Summer Twitter Event won a prize package from Rayovac.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bitch & Moan Monday (In Through the Out Door)

I've been debating whether or not to start participating in memes, but one where I can go on a rant seems like a great place to start!

Complaint #1:  Finally officially diagnosed as underactive thyroid a few weeks ago and started on Synthroid (artificial thyroid hormones).  Felt GREAT for the first week or so, but it's like my body has reset the thermostat and stopped producing it's own.  So I'm back to feelin' crappy!!!  So body, WAKEY WAKEY!

Complaint #2:  Dear kids - Please go to bed and a reasonable hour and stay asleep in bed until a reasonable hour.  Staying up with mommy until midnight because your stomach mysteriously hurts cannot become a habit, nor can waking up and expecting mommy to be functional before 7 AM (see complaint #1 for why mommy extra can't handle the lack of sleep).

Complaint #3:  I don't know about other schools, but to the parents of children who's kids attend public school and are NOT the class moms:  Please contribute lots of money when the hat is being passed in the beginning of the year.  The other class mom and I easily spent twice what the other parents gave us, and many gave NOTHING.  But, we're still expected to throw three class parties on this budget, not including the end of the year party which was essentially on our own dime.  It sounds from friends like we just got a sucky set of parents, but yeesh!

That's enough for today -- How about you???

Check out Bitch & Moan Monday at In Through the Out Door.  She's giving away a $25 Visa gift card to one of this week's participants!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sam's Club GC giveaway at Jill Ward Photography

Yes, I'm in a rut, but hey, I can buy just about ANYTHING at Walmart, ya know?  So those Sam's Club cards that work at Walmart are very, very useful.

Check out the Sam's Club gift card giveaway at Jill Ward Photography ending 6/15.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Guidecraft Kiddie Rockers and Table Set Giveaway

Sending a trend yet?  Yes, I'm trying for a different table and chairs set for the kids' future playroom!  The Not-So-Blog's Experimental Mommy is currently giving away the Guidecraft Kiddie Rockers and Table Set, ending 6/22: