Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wins & Thanks

I just realized that I haven't done a Thank You post since mid-December.  I only started focusing on blog giveaways about two months ago, but it's still quite fun to see the USPS/UPS/Fed Ex delivery guys coming so often!  Many thanks to the giveaway sponsors and bloggers!

12/15/2009 Black Diamond Floor Cleaner (CouponPrincess)
12/19/2009 Raisin gift basket (Latina on a Mission)   
12/19/2009 Sid the Science Kid doll (thatsitmommy)
12/23/2009 Kmart GC (Twitter only)
12/26/2009 SweetPea3 MP3 Player (Barefoot Mommy)
12/26/2009 Alphabotz and ItzaZoo games (The Science of Being Dad)   
1/2/2010   BJs $25 gift card (Wii Mommies)
1/5/2010   Sam's Club $75 gift cards (The Art of Being Mom)
1/7/2010   Wii Birthday    Party Bash (frugalwifeblog)
1/7/2010   EA Active Sports Active (Outnumbered3-1)

We just got the SweetPea3 today and my three year old LOVES it.  We let her test drive it today to make sure it was working, but I told her she had to "earn" it with her reward chart.  She wouldn't go to bed without us putting it with the rest of the "prize closet" toys LOL.

I also love the giant Swiffer-like mop that came with the Black Diamond cleaning kit.  If you've got hardwood floors, it's so convenient.  I just have to find out where to get a spare mop head cloth for when one is in the wash.

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