Monday, May 3, 2010

PORTABLE 12 foot POOL GIVEAWAY at The Ethertons

While at Toys R Us today, the kids and I were looking all the outdoor water toys for the upcoming summer season, including all the little pools.  My kids are 3-1/2 and 5-1/2 (but he's the size of a 7 year old!), so little kiddie pools aren't as much fun for the big guy.  My husband joked about getting one of the bigger pools with the filter, but I was like, "Yeah, right!"  We're planning on doing renovations this summer/fall, so God only knows what our yard situation will be...

But, for the heck of it, I searched Twitter for "pool giveaway" (and yes, I do similar searches all the time -- It's a great way to find less advertised giveaways).  Sure enough, I came across a tweet about The Etherton's giveaway of just what hubby joked about getting!  The giveaway ends 5/23.

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