Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Burger King gift card giveaway ends 12/1 at Annette Funny Jello

I've been entering Burger King's Kinect giveaway ( on and off  since it began, but Annette Funny Jello's post has reminded me I need to go back and enter again!  Do I need another gaming system in my life?  No, we have the Wii and our kids are only 4 and 6 (so not quite full "gaming" age).  However, Santa could always save it for next year!

Annette Funny Jello's giveaway, however, is a bit more inspiring for me -- 10 readers are getting $20 in BK gift cards!  We definitely do our share of eating at BK, as my cheeseburger-loving son is allergic to eggs and it's growing increasingly difficult to find restaurants that don't use rolls that contain egg.  I extra like BK for my son for the simple reason that you can't flame broil an egg, so the odds of egg contamination on a burger from there are minimal.  McDonalds, however, cooks their burgers on the same flat top as they cook the Egg McMuffin eggs in the morning.  Has my son ever had a reaction from McDonalds burgers?  No, but it's better to be safe than sorry and he prefers the taste of the BK burgers anyway.  So Santa can always put BK gift cards in his stocking!   
Want to win BK gift cards?  Check out Annette Funny Jello’s blog post here:


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